Our Governors

Welcome to the Governors’ page. Here we’ll tell you about the make-up and work of the Governing Board, and how it supports the federation on a day-to-day basis.

Governors have a responsibility for managing the federation, making sure that it is run efficiently and effectively. We set objectives, agree targets, budgets, policies and priorities.

We work closely with the Executive Headteacher to ensure that resources are used to the best advantage of the children, and that every child has the best chance to fulfil their potential. We act as critical friends, discussing, questioning and refining the way the schools operate. We’re here to answer to parents/carers and the wider community about how the schools perform.

Probably our main job is to make sure the schools provide a good quality education and give value for money. Raising educational standards is a key aim for every school. Governors have a vital role to play in ensuring there are high expectations for each and every child in terms of achievement and wellbeing.

As Governors, we’re proud of Carleton Rode and Forncett St Peter Schools, their children and staff. We’re also proud of our results – not just the academic ones, but the less tangible ones that show in the way the children conduct and express themselves, and how they consistently have a “feel good” factor about the schools and their place in them.

Governors are regularly in the schools to examine and review practice and procedure and they also support learning and extra-curricular activities. As in a lot of small schools, many Governors are parents/carers whose involvement brings with it a commitment and understanding that helps foster a family feel in both school communities.

However, the make-up of the Governing Board reflects its wider responsibilities to the community, in particular the fact that it is supported by and derives its ethos from, the Church of England. So while some Governors are elected parents/carers and members of staff, others are appointed through the Diocese of Norwich, Carleton Rode and Forncett St Peter Parochial Church Council and the Local Authorities that serve the village. Governors serve for a period of four years, but are usually eligible for re-appointment which helps give valuable continuity.

Being a governor today is a challenging but rewarding role. As well as two full meetings of the Governing Board per term, there are regular committee meetings, training sessions and responsibilities linked to Ofsted inspections, both in terms of preparation and formulating effective responses to the Inspectors’ findings.

Federation Annual Governance Statement

We have a committed and enthusiastic governing board.
The Governors are representatives of the school and local community who support the school as volunteers, working alongside the headteacher and staff in strategic planning, budgeting, curriculum provision and monitoring and staff appointments.
      Term Start Term End  
  Foundation Governors      
  Dr Kirsty Byrne 12-Sep-19      11 Sep 2023  
  Revd John Madinda 12-Sep-19      11 Sep 2023  
  Mr Neil Parsons 12-Sep-19      11 Sep 2023  
  Mrs Liz Service 12-Sep-19      11 Sep 2023  
  Dr Steve Trickey 12-Sep-19      11 Sep 2023  
  Staff Governor      
  Mr Jonathan Wheater 12-Sep-19 11-Sep-23  
  Executive Headteacher      
  Mr Callum Richards      
  Parent Governors      
  Dr Lorna Christoforou-Hazelwood 12-Sep-19 11-Sep-23  
  Local Authority Governors         
  Mrs Sally Richards 12 Sep 19 Sept 2023  
  Foundation Bishop Appointed      
  Associate Members      
  Mrs Vicky Brosnihan      
  Mrs Marie Thompson      
  Mrs Claire Chavda      

                                                         Governors who have stepped down in the last 12 months

                                                                      Mike Bolger, Helen Carlile, Louise Chandler.