At Carleton Rode and Forncett St Peter Primary Federation, we believe all children should have access to the curriculum. We aim to do this by providing high quality teaching and provision. On our website, you can see our Waves Provision document, which identifies the provision available to all, targeted provision and our SEN provision.  

We hope to provide an inclusive environment and a whole school approach to SEN, therefore much of our provision is accessible to all, regardless of their SEN status.  

You can also access our Assess, Plan, Do, Review (learning plan) template. We regularly assess children’s learning and targets and adapt their learning plan to reflect their ongoing learning and needs. We also use One Page Profiles, this allows all members of staff to know more about the children and helps us provide a person-centred approach to their learning and education.

If you have any questions or queries over our SEN provision, please contact the school office.

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