Vision & Values

Ethos: Carleton Rode School is a lovely place to learn as a team and grow as an individual.

We value the individuality of our children and staff – it makes our school an interesting and lively place to be. We encourage everyone to have a voice and to express themselves knowing that their views will be respected but may also be challenged. Discussion and debate is part of how we work as a team as it improves our thoughts, ideas and understanding. Good listening helps us look after each other and be stronger together as a team.

The 3 Christian values we have chosen are:

Kindness: be giving and forgiving; even if we have had a quarrel, make up and move on.

Honesty: be truthful to yourself and to others about our learning and behaviour; allow space for others to be honest about what they think and feel.

Responsibility: your actions lead to consequences for yourself, others and our environment. If you make a bad choice, think about it and how you are going to avoid doing this in future.